Saturday, 30 June 2012

Grande Prairie to Fort Nelson

Day 26

Surprising thing about sleeping in the tent is how well I actually sleep so did not wake till 9.30 and slepped the miles to the shower complex. It had been raining and was still drizzling a bit so thought I would be packing a wet tent but dried pretty quickly. Showers need a dollar to work which I had but only one as I thought one should be more than enough but halfway through the water switched of and I was still covered in Soap normally you are left with cold water but this one stopped completely and it was miles back to the tent so was well pissed of by now. By the time I hit the road it was 11.30 after I had some breakfast my usual first Tim Horton’s that I hit. The roads where straight and long as I had come out of the Rockies and was in the prairies again I guess the clue is the name of the place I was leaving but soon I hit the British Colombia border and Dawson Creek Milestone 0 of the Alaska Highway the scenery vastly improved. Got some maps and info at the visitor center so have a better idea on where I am going and I am all existed and cannot wait to hit the road. Cackling and giggling to myself in my helmet Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and now British Colombia at milestone 0 of the Alaska highway have done about 9,000km already and yet it feels like this is just the beginning of the trip. Somebody at the campsite last night said the run from Grande Prairie to Fort Nelson was dull well if that was dull I can’t wait for the rest as I was well impressed even when it started to rain about could not dampen my spirits. Gained another hour coming into BC so got to Nelson at about 7pm hard day of more than 600km so first port of call to see if there was any affordable (my budget) non camping options, unfortunately not bugger so found a campsite in town and I am swamped with mossies’ yet again I hate the little fecker’s. Brought a little yellow bracelet today, which is supposed to keep them away for 200hrs! Did not work me thinks but what do you expect for 2 bucks. I have just finished a huge Prime Rib dinner with a bake potato that was just what I needed and I charging my computer and updating this. Will go for bit of a walk and see if I can get on the Internet to publish this back at the campsite and see if I can avoid the mosquitos but I think that is doubtful. It is Canada day tomorrow and there is a parade so may hang around for that and then back on the road as the next town is only 600km away!

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