Thursday, 7 June 2012

Halifax to Clyde River

First day on the bike taking the Lighthouse route from Halifax to Yarmouth only to find out that it is no longer called the lighthouse route but South shore route. Spent hours on Base Camp trying to get the route onto my GPS but failed miserably so did it manually on the GPS itself but this slow need to brush up on my GPS skills or I am going to miss a lot or get seriously lost.
A most pleasant day in the saddle, zooming along the coast of Nova Scotia. First mechanical calamity noticed that the GPS was a but wobbly looks like I had lost a screw is was late in the day so mad rush trying to find a hardware store which sound simple but not when you are the in the middle of nowhere and its about an hour plus between each village if you can even call them that. Eventually find a hardware shop in Shellbourne, which was just closing who where able to help me in getting the right screw also brought some Loctite to ensure that I did not loose another screw. Crap design of the holder has the full weight of the GPS hanging on it and it bounces all over the place no wonder the screw worked loose. So finger tightened the two screws and headed for the nearest campsite which turned out to be closed and did not open till next week! So spent about 30 minutes repairing the GPS properly and then headed to another campsite that someone had mentioned that was about 40 km away.
Finally found it Clyde River Farm and met John the owner who had to laugh when I asked if there was anywhere local to get something to eat Yes back to where I just come from! He was kind enough to invite me to dinner at his home Burger and blueberry muffins mmmm lekker I must of looked bedraggled as he also set up a fire for me by my campsite and I spent a pleasant evening with John his wife Maureen and 3 other friends of there who pop by for coffee and Muffins as well at the house.
First night camping got to great start with the help of John Ta Mate. Early night looks like this going to be the norm for a while.

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