Monday, 25 June 2012

Winnipeg to Russell

Day 21

Up and away and on the road by 9 and back in the saddle again. Most of the journey was dead straight boring roads with not very much with regard to interesting scenery but it was hot and the sun was shining so not all bad. Had the usual run out of petrol scare as usual thought I had more than I actually did and whizzed pass the last petrol thinking there will be one along soon guess what nope so the standard creeping along waiting to see when the engine will cut out I do not know why I keep doing this will be less stressful just to fill up in a timely manner and stop more often but I always seem to screw myself somehow. One short part was vaguely interesting through Riding Mountain National park but that was only 60km out of 600km, which was straight flat, rough roads for the most part and looks like it will be like this till I get across the Prairies. Today’s culture was a stop at Elgin grain escalators. In the middle of nowhere 4 old grain escalators and the lad there me a grand tour of the place, as I was one of only 3 visitors that day. Nice break from the bike. Back under canvas tonight a girl in Winnipeg VIC told me about her home town Russell that has a free campsite right in the middle of town (town? one street!) and that is where I am no typing this and watching the sun go down was only me and a Czech bloke called Tad but has filled up with some RV’s This is better than some of the paid campsites I have stayed at only problem no showers so may be a bit pongy tomorrow. Think I will head to Saskatoon tomorrow or maybe further and get this dull bit of countryside done and dusted. No hostels or cheap motels that I can find between here and Edmonton so may mean more camping yuk and was looking for places for new tyres and service for the bike and it looks like the last place to do this in Canada is Edmonton cannot find anything further north than this so will have to figure how to do all this and will I need a new set of tyres then it is difficult to guess will definitely need a service as considering the distances I am planning to do what to look after the kit that is going to get me there.

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