Thursday, 21 June 2012

Hearst to Thunder bay

Day 17

Quite a strange day got up at about 8.30ish and did a Skype call to the folks back home who are also looking after my affairs so they are holding up bank statements with me saying file keep through away archive got myself a great little secretary (me Mum :-)) So that business at home sorted now for business here. Finally looked out the window and it is pissing down so going to be a damp day today. Slowly sorted my kit out as I was in no hurry to get wet and when loading the bike I noticed that one on the main screws holding my panniers on had worked it self loose so out with the toolkit to remedy. Should have been easy but did not have the right tool needed a large screwdriver which I did not have so tried tightening with Canadian $ coin with a set of pliers for some extra mechanical advantage only end up bending the coin so looks like I am going to jail for treason as I have defaced her majesty coinage I thought it would be stronger. So I packed the back and rode round the corner where there was a workshop that dealt with huge American trucks should have some proper kit there. Asked to burrow a screwdriver which they let me have no problem even asked one of the mechanics if he could have a go at the screw as I was not strong enough to turn it as it was sort of jammed he managed to get it seated probably and I was ready to hit the road in the wet. First breakfast no need to ask where (Tim H) and then to fuel up, as it was 200km to the next petrol station so did not want to be caught short. The road was also straight with no corners for that amount as well and I thought I would be bored shitless but it was quite interesting going for miles with no one around with only the odd truck to overtake. It rained for the first hour and then stopped and started all day so wet dry wet dry etc. was the order of that day. Scenery improved later and the road even had a few turns in it as well. Stopped in a place called Geraldton where I saw an interesting building on hill, which turned out, to be a glorified tourist info spot called a Discovery Centre a very chatty girl working that gave the grand tour, which was great as it was raining again outside. Go to Thunder Bay at about 5.30 ish and found a great little hostel just outside town which is cheap as chips and run by an old couple who have set up the hosteling backpackers guide to Canada so very interesting eclectic place.
Going to be another early night and the decision is weather or not to do Winnipeg tomorrow 700km about 9 hours driving of to break it into 2 parts but not much in between and I do not fancy riding late at night as there often moose on the road and talking about moose I saw my 1st one today and they are enormous think I would loose out if I hit one of those luckily this one was at the side of the road and not wondering in the middle. All in all a nice day even through kept getting rained on but that added to the interest I guess a bit.

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