Saturday, 23 June 2012


Day 19

Supposed to be a rest day but I do not seem to be very good at these so was up and out looking for you guessed the nearest Tim Horton’s for breakfast (Should ask them to sponsor me as the number of mention they are getting in this blog) and spent the rest of the day wandering around Winnipeg it was another gorgeous day weather wise. Headed down to the forks for an aboriginal festival but as I was up an out so early for a Saturday this had not really started so crossed the bridge St Boniface and admired the ruined cathedral (burnt down in the 60’s) and they have left part of the ruins and built another not so grandiose as the old one (guess not so much money around for cathedrals these days) interesting enough. Went to the Louis Riel museum traitor or hero you decide talked to a very informative young guide in the museum who told me her version of the story and it one of those things on what side of the river or fence French or Brits on what your view is on this very interesting though she was half French and half Anglo so I presumed her tale was unbiased :-) for those of you like me originally have no idea on what I am whitering on about. Wonder about the Forks for awhile and bumped into French girl who was also staying at the hostel in Thunder Bay and took a nice walk along the river to the legislative building where we where also allowed just to wonder in and about with no escort or controls. I do like the way the Canadian give total access to the public building should be like this everywhere. Been on my feet all day so went back to the hostel for some dinner and then hit the town again back to the aboriginal festival as that should be getting going by now and spent a pleasant evening watching various bands and people watching and just updating this before I go to bed. Have decided to stay another night and go to Lower Fort Garry a historical type museum just out of town and also sorted a route out for Monday which looks interesting to the Saskatchewan border fair old drive but takes in a national park and another Park Canada historical site thanks to the very helpful and friendly people in the Manitoba information centre these place have bee a wealth of information.

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