Sunday, 10 June 2012

Creignish Cabot Trail

Day 6

Good to be back in a bed not sure I am cut out for camping anymore but going to have to persist or this is going to be a very short trip. Huge breakfast like I said I like this little BB. Not sure what the weather is going to do but decide to do the Cabot Trail just a short circuit of Cape Breton +-400kms.
Started of cold and wet so not having much fun however at around 3 the sun decided to come out which made the rest of the trip very enjoyable. So went from 10 degrees C riding through the mist and clouds not been able to see much to glorious sunshine and 20 degrees C so again serious wardrobe issues on with the waterproofs of with the waterproofs, winter gloves, in between gloves, summer gloves choices choices.
At the end of the day found a nice little pub which had live Gaelic music so had a big bowl of chilly to warm me insides and spent a nice meal tapping me foot to the music.
Back to the BB where I did some quick repairs to the bike. Mechanical issue 2 the tube that runs from my chain oiler to the chain had rubbed a whole it self with the last bodge job I had done to fix this so as per all my fixes out comes the duct tape and the zip ties and hey presto job done chain lube functional (How long who knows) also adjusted the chain while I was busy at the back end. And then watch the sun go down and spent the rest of the evening chatting to Sandra the elderly lady who runs this joint American schoolteacher who came out during the Vietnam war and never went back. All in all a nice just updating this blog which is turning out to be quite a chore so this could get less and less or shorter and shorter who knows. Of to Louisbourg tomorrow for some Canadian history or maybe I will go somewhere else who knows? J

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