Sunday, 17 June 2012


Day 13

Supposed to be a rest day but did not actually turn out that way did have a bit of a kip in but as stated this quite difficult in a 10 man dorm. Had a leisurely breakfast and first destination was to go up the mountain/hill Mont Real to see the view. Gorgeous hot day but I am a bit burnt from my day wandering around Quebec city and my aversion to Sun tan cream so I am trying to keep in the shade as much as possible but proving difficult as it mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun so very little shade to be had. Long trek up the Hill but worth it, as the views are great. Finding my way down proved a bit more difficult as I got lost and went of the beaten track and found myself scrabbling down a very steep incline basically on my arse. Found my way down and ended up enjoying a tam-tams session (Drums) was not difficult to miss. Went for another wonder and found another festival where they had shit of whole street for block and there was an impromptu party going on with all the cafes shops and restaurant taking over the street. Seem to be going from one festival to another here, which is great. Wonder through China town and finally reach the old city and quay side part of Montreal have walked miles again and so decide to walk some more around this area. Finally get back to the hostel about 8 so have been walking on off for 9 hours so a tired little boy. To top it of was looking for a food hall in some of the halls to get some dinner as I had not eaten since this morning but they where all closed as it was a Sunday so found this that did burger and chicken and ordered some chicken wings the guy was really chatty from and was surprised when I knew where Dhaka (Bangladesh) was so he gave me a double order of wings a huge amount of chips which there was no way I could eat on my own so found some Irish folks outside the hostel to share my food booty with. Sitting here just updating this blog all in all a very pleasant day indeed even though me footy pegs are a bit sore. Short run to Ottawa tomorrow and will probably do a lot more walking there as well but after that it back to the bike and time to start putting some kilometres on the clock  

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