Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Temagami to Hearst

Day 16

Even though I went to bed at 10.30 I still not did get up till 9 the following day must be more tired than I thought. Sun was up going to be another hot one. Packed up slowly enjoying the sun and went to pay my camping fees turned out that the 37 CAD included tax which took a bit of the pain of the price. Hit the road with first stop you guessed it Tim Horton’s for breakfast the usual. Planned to do a long day in the saddle but turned out shorter than planned. Stopped in Cochrane where I had heard about a polar bear sanctuary where you could swim with them (comment same pool but thick glass wall dividing humans (dinner) from the polar bears) Unfortunately it was closed as all the old polar bears had died and they had just got one new one who was being acclimatised to its new surroundings. Was chatting to the girl on reception when she says there he is so got a glimpse and few photos from a distance tried to persuade her to let me and have a look around but couldn’t swing it. Went to the library to use the free Internet to scope out this evening’s accommodation and check mail. When I hit the road again the weather had changed and in no time it was pissing down quick pit stop to get wet weather gear on but was well soaked by the time I could pull over and get kit out. Temperature also dropped significantly. I hit Hearst at around 5 pm and I had heard from here it was about 200km to next bit of civilisations so decide to call it quits for the night (Moose on the road at dusk) as I was cold and wet and had spotted a sign for a special offer at Howard Johnson motel so I am having an evening of reasonable luxury why because I can ;-). One horse town but found a local cafe and huge dinner of souvlaki glad of the extra inches on me new jeans they are going to be filled very quickly at this rate.
The driving scenery is not so interesting but still having a giggle as I have a big smile for the huge American trucks, the school buses and when I see huge freight train going past all of this is fascinating for me and the fact that even though mundane it all different for me so having a chuckle to myself as I tootle along.

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