Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Amsterdam Toronto Halifax

Day 1

Mandatory picture of odometer starting mileage or is that kmleage
A very long day got up at 4.30 in the morning and got a taxi to Den Haag Central Station to catch the train to the Schiphol. On the train had a panic attack and was not sure if I had swiped my OV card so jumped of the train at Leiden before the inspectors came through and walked down to the entrance hall to swipe my OV card only to realise I had already done this in the Hague so panic attack for nothing so slepped back to the platform and the train I just got of was still there so got back on it. Got some weird looks from folks as I was lugging two huge bags and a rucksack weighing about 25 KG. Got the plane to Toronto no problem only a bit of challenge on the amount of luggage I had but I had sorted this already on the phone so knew it should not be an issue.9 hour flight to Toronto with Air transit a charter company so no frills and no legroom being a dwarf no real problem for me and it was cheap as chips and they let me buy a one way ticket which cost a fortune on the major airlines.
Arrived at 11.30 Canadian time in Toronto and my next plane was not till 17.30 so after clearing customs which was easy as it was a fellow biker first job was to see if I could get an earlier flight which was easy and after convincing them that my extra bag was hunting equipment they waived the extra luggage allowance charge on that which was great.
Got to Halifax airport at about seven in the evening and found it was miles away from town and the taxis were very expensive but managed to found a local bus that would take me to Dartmouth and got another bus from there to the motel I was staying out saving me a small fortune. Going to use the buses tomorrow as well when I go and pick my bike up.
Checked in to Lake City Motel and went to grab something to eat before crashing as I had been up 24 hrs. And was starting to feel a little bit tired!

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