Friday, 29 June 2012

Edmonton to Grande Prairie

Day 25

Back in the saddle again great day and I have finally reached the Rockies. Got on the road at a reasonable time shame I had not seen more of Edmonton but you cannot do everything and choices need to be made. Had breakfast at Tim Horton’s and hit the road pleasant rolling countryside so looks like I have left the prairies behind and later just coming into Hinton my first sight of the Rockies and I knew I got across the prairies. Hit the road to Grande Cache and it was wonderful winding roads with interesting scenery and finally ended up in Grande Prairie camping again which sounds wonderful except the place is crawling with mosquitoes and the campsite for tents in miles from the loos complex watching the sun going down but not sure how much longer I can stand this as the mossies’ are driving me nuts its only 10 o clock but I may be diving in my tent to escape them!!!
Couldn’t stand in any longer so hiding in my tent doing a Sudoku what an exiting life I am leading

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