Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Halifax Nova Scotia Picking up the bike.

Day 2

Just in case you were worried about me getting kidnapped well check the photo I have made it more difficult!
Today was glorified treasure hunt with the end result my motorcycle and me reunited. Got a bus into Halifax trying to find a Post Office to get a money order as that is the only form of payment that Wallienius Wilhelmsen would accept.  The nice lady behind the counter and me had some fun trying to get this accomplished with all of the weird spellings and not enough space on the forms. Job 1 done. Next of to find the Wallienius Wilhelmsen office via Tim Horton’s (More on Tim Horton’s later) for breakfast. Find the building huge now find the office suite which took a while as the building was actually 3 separate buildings and find the right elevator shaft for the office I wanted was proving difficult (Jet lag) finally found it but then had to swap as it did not go to the floor I wanted. Handed the nice lady the money order and the notice of arrival (tech term me know an expert on import and export of goods) and she gave me the instructions on how to get to the customs office which was another 15 min walk away. Job 3 customs no problem there as no drugs and firearms on the bike according to me so they stamped the papers so job 4 to get Auto port which was a 25 minute taxi ride away not for me I had got a map of the public transport system of Halifax so I got a ferry from Halifax to Dartmouth and then on number 60 bus which stopped just outside where I wanted to be and only cost a couple bucks to get there rather than an expensive taxi ride. Took about 15 minutes while they went to pick up my bike and after checking it was all there and nothing was broken or missing I had won the treasure hunt and had successfully brought my motorcycle from the Netherlands to Canada and was on my way :-)

Spent the rest of the day doodling around Halifax getting used to driving in Canada also visited a graveyard where they buried some of the bodies that they could find from the titanic very interesting place

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