Saturday, 16 June 2012

Quebec to Montreal

Day 12

Up and out quite early by my standards and was on the road by 9.15 with first order of the day to stop at the first Tim Horton’s I come across for breakfast. I have mention Tim Horton’s a couple of time and have I promised to elaborate in short its a place that does all my favourite breakfast/lunch type food so in short a semi fast food coffee shop that does excellent glazed cinnamon rolls much to my old ever tightening leathers disgust I have become an addict. They also do excellent breakfast sandwiches which is my usual kick start for day so a cheddar bagel with ham cheese and egg and a cup of coffee and todays surprise with the combo a chocolate cream filled donut. I am sure someone told me that motorcycling burns a lot of calories well that is what I want to believe.
It was short run of 250km today following the river between Quebec and Montreal supposed to be scenic route but I must of missed that route as its was not to interesting in my book though there where some nice bits every now and again. It was a hot balmy day and by the time I hit the traffic jams in Montreal it was beginning to swelter and with my panniers on very difficult to carve through the traffic as I am quite large (stop sniggering at the back this is not a Tim Horton reference) with all my luggage so was started to sweat a bit and was about 3 when I made the hostel that I had punched into my GPS. I am feeling very tired not sure if the heat or that I been going quite hard for the last couple weeks I decided that I would also do two nights in Montreal and treat my self to a lie in on Sunday Morning. Went for a wonder and was directed to a free festival going on in town Montreal francofolies festival which was nice place to hang and people watch in the sun. One of the headline was Julian Clerc which was a coincidence as I have been humming voici les clef for the last couple of days unfortunately you had to pay for that part of the festival so I stuck to the freebie part outside in the sun.
While I am in a chatty mood some thoughts and comment on Canada
  • ·      Where ever I go there is always someone cutting the lawn seems to be national obsession
  • ·      Lots of graveyards never notice them at home but they seem to be all over the place here. Always seem to be in great location with great views so somebody thought about this
  • ·      Love the old wooden houses with the porches and stairs outside and loads even have rocking chairs on them they look very homely and welcoming
  • ·      Tim Horton’s glazed cinnamon rolls not sure I have mentioned these yet
  • ·      Lots of churches that spring up in every village of all shapes and sizes
  • ·      Quebec province is like entering a whole other country than Nova Scotia and New Brunswick very French so have been practicing my bonjours and svp the signs and way thing work all slightly different, which keeps it interesting for me.
  • ·      In short I am a big fan of what I have seen so far time for bed and a lie in if that is possible in a 10-person dorm and of to discover Montreal.

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