Monday, 11 June 2012

Creignish to Louisbourg

Day 7

Was woken up early by Sandra knocking on my door as there was in the garden eeeeeeek. Had a grandstand view amazing but scary creature. Nice way to start the day. Had a leisurely breakfast and loaded the bike ready to hit the road again highly recommend the eclectic had a very nice couple of evenings there. Short day in the saddle today only 250kms to Louisbourg to see as I had brought a discovery Canada card so I have to see all the national parks and 150 museums to get me money out of it. Unfortunately it was not fully open like a lot of things in this part of Canada the season does not begin till middle of June. Spent a couple of hours wondering around and the weather has changed for the better the sun was actually shining all day. Was planning on spending a longer time at the fortress but as it was not fully open got out at about 3pm so decided to see if I could find a guest house similar to the last couple of nights but I think I hit there jackpot there as a lot more expensive so looks like back under canvas to me so I a in a totally empty campsite next to the harbour right in the centre of Louisbourg which has a recreation room where I am sitting updating this blog and it getting awfully cold. After I set up camp I went for long walk along the coastline instead of bear warnings it was Coyote warnings so wonder if bear bell I got from lies is going to help me here walking on my own and they was a bucket full of wooden sticks which you can pick up to fight them off with! About an hour in I met a couple of young Canadian guys who had just seen fox running across a field with a leg in its mouth! Yes I had to check if I understood them correctly as well so I decide to turn back and keep them within earshot
Started to get into my photo groove and do not want to publish them all here as I not sure how big this blog can get before tops working so if those of you are interested you let me know and I will share a link to Drop Box where you can see all of me photos getting quite trigger happy now but its a toss up between stopping every five minutes to take a piccie or just keep on rolling and enjoying the scenery need to find a happy medium

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