Sunday, 1 July 2012

Fort Nelson to Watson Lake

Day 27

What a most enjoyable day loved it saw 7 bears 3 where a grizzly a mum and 2 cubs and the rest where either black or brown and I got some photos as well. Saw a Moose and there where Bison on the road that needed avoiding as well so from a nature perspective brill. (Joke for the day what is the difference between a buffalo and a bison?) From a scenery perspective gorgeous winding roads through forests lakes and river also brilliant. Weather stayed dry most of the day a few drops and treat of rain but never happened. It pissed down last night so the tent was wet when I got up but the sun was shining so had a shower and got some breakfast at the campsite a weak version of Tim Horton’s. Just heard the next one is not till Whitehorse so I am having withdrawals!  Tent was sort of dry so packed it anyhow as I had an appointment with the big parade that Fort Nelson was throwing as today was Canada Day. So Happy Birthday Canada, Fort Nelson is not that big and either was the parade it was charming and I enjoyed watching it some nice old cars and some very simple floats form one end of the road till the other. Excellent hit the road at about 12 and had about 650km to the next big place Watson Lake that was next on my target. Beautiful day on the bike new tyres scrubbed roads very rough in places so had to keep my wits about me with that and all the wildlife. To fix the road here they fill large section with gravel and let the traffic compress it and this goes on for miles and miles and in the most unexpected places not much grip on a motorcycle especially in the corners and blind brows when you suddenly hit a patch at speed. A few brown underpants moments. Arrived at about 7.30 after long hard drive and went to the info center in the hope of finding some cheap motel in town. No joy but there was a government run campsite just out of town but no showers so another pongy day tomorrow. Went for some dinner and then headed out to the campsite where I am siting with my sleeping bag inner sheet wrapped around my head looking like an old lady but it allegedly has DEAT but does not seem to keep the fecking mossies’ at bay looks like another early night running away from the moggies. Need a solution to them as they are bugging the shit out of me and I am covered head to toe with bites (moan over) Still been a fantastic day and the bloody mossies’ are not going to ruin it for me. Oh yes and the punch line to the Joke of the day you can wash your hands in a Bison teehee. Oh yes I am in the Yukon who would have thought ;-)

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