Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Day 29

Rest day today. Was looking forward to a night out of the tent but this turned out to be one of the noisiest rooms I have slept in for a while. Snorers, guy having nightmare, girl above me had headphones on and you could hear the music so restful it was not so maybe the tent is not that bad after all. It also never gets dark so that is also a mind f**k as you think it still early and it turns out to be lot later than you expect. Spent the day wondering aimlessly around town found a Tim Horton’s for breakfast and another one for afternoon tea so got my TH fix for the day. I think the attraction I have to this place other than the cinnamon rolls is that is something familiar and is the same everywhere you go so when you are on the road it is nice to have something that you know will always be constant as you move daily from place to place (How about that Sigmund Freud!) Went to see SS Klondike, which is a museum ship of one of the old steamboats that used to work between Whitehorse and Dawson City on the Yukon run by Park Canada so my discovery card got me not sure if I got full value yet so will have to find a few more of these places to ensure I get me monies worth plus they are fascinating and interesting place to visit. Its 11.30 and it still light weird but must go to bed hitting the road again tomorrow destination Dawson City cannot wait.

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