Monday, 2 July 2012

Watson Lake to Whitehorse

Day 28

Was cold in the tent last night the temperature has dropped considerably but still managed to get a good sleep but was hard getting out of me cosy sleeping bag into cold clothes. Getting more efficient at breaking down my camp but still slow process and being eaten by mosquitoes does not aid the process but does make me more efficient. Heading back to Watson Lake info center as I had a coffee and film date with the nice lady there turned out it was not only me every one gets free coffee and the film was a 18 minute film on the Alaska Highway which was interesting had a cookie coffee and a mars bar for breakfast whilst watching a documentary nice slow way to start a day. Also walked around the signpost forest for a while and it was 11.30 before I hit the road. The scenery was a bit harsh than yesterday maybe this was because the sun was not shining but still very interesting. Not so much wildlife today only nearly squashed a squirrel as I left the campsite and also saw a fox on the way into Watson lake have seen a few of these over last couple of weeks. The weather got colder and wetter as the day went on so on went the went the jumper and the winter gloves will need to think about pulling out the thermals if this continues as I was just on the edge of being comfortable if it gets colder I will need more layers. Found a hostel in Whitehorse last bed going which was I relief as I was cold and wet and smelly and dirty. Had a shower and went to the supermarket to get some dinner and something against the mossies’ I am going chemical on them even if it kills me the process.  Charging everything up as I have not had easy access to power and the net the last couple of days and enjoying Jamaican Ginger Beer and chocolate biscuits burp! Day of the bike tomorrow hope it stops raining.  

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