Saturday, 7 July 2012

Tok to Fairbanks

Day 33
Great night sleep in the ambulance even managed a bit of a sleep in. Got up and the sun was shining and had a cold shower no hot water same as the last place need to light a fire to get hot water this was offered last night but I prefer me washing in the morning and a cold shower on a sunny day is invigorating. I was the only one around so slowly packed me kit and headed out met Hugh as I was leaving said Tata and was on the road. Decided it I did not want breakfast yet and would stop up at the first place on the way which was 100 miles away keep forgetting there are loads of distance with nothing in between. Oh yes I have now converted my speedo and GPS to miles instead of km but this just make places a lot longer to get to and seems slower no idea what Fahrenheit and miles per US gallon is in real money but helps me know if I am braking the speed limit and distances on the signs match the speedo and GPS but will take a while to get used to this. The road from Tok to Fairbanks fairly dull after yesterday straight and long and flat with a view of the mountains in the distance but the sun was shining which always makes a difference to my mood. Had a Philly Sandwich for lunch slash breakfast just because of the name found something else that is fattening and bad for me to add to things I like oh my poor leathers. Got to Fairbanks at 5 after a short stop at the North Pole where I saw Santa and his reindeer. This place actually exists and I had to chuckle when I saw the sigh and had to stop when I saw the visitor center. The story is that some entrepreneur wanted to start a toy factory in Alaska and he convinces the folks to change the name to North Pole so that he could label the toys manufactured North Pole Alaska. The toy factory never materialised I think but the locals are making a nice little business out of the name there is Santa Claus House a huge Santa Claus and all the street lights are in the shape of Candy sticks. So well tacky but most amusing distraction made me smile. Found a hostel in Fairbanks but a bit out of town so walked to Safeway to get some dinner about a 5-mile round trip and I have electricity and WIFI so charging up all my electrical equipment and updating me blog. Was going to stay in Fairbanks another day but not sure if it that interesting did not grab me when I cam through today so may do a run to the Arctic Circle dependant on the weather so will be doing the famous Dalton Highway.

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