Friday, 6 July 2012

Dawson City to Tok in Alaska yes I made it

Day 32
I am sitting in an ambulance writing this on my right I have loads of buttons a beacon a flasher a horn etc. It is quite comfortable as well and away from those pesky mosquitoes. I am in Tok Alaska and my accommodation tonight is the back of an ambulance in great little place called Thompson’s Eagle Claw Motorcycle Park. I was aiming for Fairbanks but ran out of steam and as there is nothing between Tok and Fairbanks I got chatting with the old guy in the tourist info who directed me to the this place. Was hoping for a bed in a bunk house but that was full so I opted for the ambulance as the Tee Pee looked a bit cold yes you can stay in a Tee Pee as well! Why had run out of steam well it had been a hard day in the saddle on the Top Of the World Highway which is about 80 dirt road and it had been raining a lot so quite muddy and sloppy in places. Every turn turned up a different road surface from mud to tarmac to pebbles to gravel to huge potholes so really had to be on my games if I was going to stay upright. The upside to too all this was that every turn turned up a fantastic vista with magnificent views and scenery which I kept getting glimpse of when I was not keeping my eye on the road. So it was extremely knackering and tiring but in the end very rewarding. The border crossing into the States was very simple I was expecting it to be more complex and more paperwork for the bike but as I was not exporting all they needed to see was the papers and $6.00 admin fee and I allowed to stay till the 6th of October so fits in with my current plans. Again I have no electricity and hot water but who needs it when it never gets dark but battery on my kit needs a recharge at some point soon. Managed to get 30 minutes in a shop but not sure If I was able to get this published and updated also grabbed a nice Thai dinner from a stand next door sitting on the side of a dusty road very hungry as I only had a chocolate biscuit for lunch and breakfast as there was no place to eat all day except for a place called chicken but the lady in the cafĂ© had a right attitude on her I was not going to eat there and let that miserable cow spoil by good vibe buzz life is to short for people like that. All in all an excellent day and I am know off to chat with a guy called Hugh who been biking round Alaska for years and who knows all the good place to go. Turned out it was his first time in Alaska but sat good evening shooting the breeze taking all thing bike and travel related.
Last night I went to bed at 11.30 but a latecomer arrived at about 12.30 waking me up young American chap called Matt and stayed up chatting for him for ages nice bloke and an interesting dialog. He left before I was up heading up the Dempster Highway on old CX 500 hope he makes it bit he had driving to Chile on old CB175 so I think he probably will.

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